Terms & Conditions

Conditions for shopping on ArtyKidz.com

These conditions are important for you as a customer, so please read them carefully. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer.

The following conditions apply for all products and services from www.artykidz.com. ArtyKidz are liable to the Norwegian law.

Order and agreement process
When we receive your order we will automatically send you a confirmation letter to you on your email. Please make sure that the confirmation is in agreement with the order. Which product and which price, if any problem you are asked to let us know with in 48 hours. Your order is binding when the order is registered on our ArtyKidz server.

On all products, (apart from custom-designed products,) you have a right by law to withdraw from the purchase. In this case, you will have to cover any cost and also be liable for any damage in terms of transportation of the product to ArtyKidz, Vardeveien 1a, 1440 Drøbak.

With the cutom-designed products, there is no right to withdraw from the purchase, and the full amount has to be paid before the work can begin.

Copyright of the paintings belongs to ArtyKidz, due to the nature of the paintings which has undergone normal tending operations.

We make aware that colors may vary from your screen to the image you receive. This is something ArtyKidz will not be liable for.

Layout of the custom designed paintings
When the drawings are delivered to ArtyKidz, we can freely work with composition and colours and choose item that are suitable for the painting. When the product is delivered it is the final piece. Unless otherwise arranged, changes will incur an additional cost.
Furthermore the customer is responsible for letting ArtyKidz know if the drawings or elements of the drawings are not to be used in other pictures or promotions for sale for ArtyKidz.

When shopping on www.artykidz.com we use PayPal.

ArtyKidz deliver to addresses all over the world. The delivery will happen according to the information the customer gives us on the order in terms of time and place. For the Limited Edition we need 5-7 days to deliver the painting to you, unless otherwise stated in the order. The paintings are delivered to you by UPS. The above mentioned does not apply to the custom designed series there will be an individual agreement, but typically 3 weeks. All other products are sent by the Norwegian Postal System and can take 1-2 weeks. Custom designed paintings delivery will be arranged with the customer directly.

Examining the product
Having received the painting you must examine it, and check that the delivered product is the same as ordered. If the product has been damaged during the delivery or if the product is incorrect in some way please contact us immediately.

Your rights in case of mistakes or lack
ArtyKidz covers any risk for the artwork until you have received it. If the painting you have ordered is damaged or destroyed in any way during the delivery, we will order a new one without any extra cost.

The notification of any mistakes or lack you can send to us on info@artykidz.com or by contacting us by phone. This must happen within reasonable time after you have discovered the mistake. You have 30 days to withdraw the purchase. (Except on the custom designed products.) We recommend any complaint is sent to us in writing.

Force Majeure
If we are unable to deliver or make mandatory replacement or such a delivery is unreasonably burdensome due to labor dispute or any other circumstance when the parties cannot rule over it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military call of similar scope, requisition, confiscation , currency restrictions, riots and disturbance, shortage of transport, general shortage of materials, reduction in the supply of power and lack of or delay in deliveries from sub suppliers or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances described in this paragraph, we are exempt from any liability than in cases of complaints and credit it to the deficient commodity its price.

Disputes and Choice of law
Disputes in connection with the terms and associated conditions as well as disputes concerning where the mentioned and there of the following legal matters falling within the ordinary courts, with our nearest court as venue.
All legal issues arising will be judged according to Norwegian law, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.
All content on our website is protected by copyright, inter alia, marketing and trademark laws. This means that the trademarks, trade names, product names, information about products, including inter alia a review of the products and weight, pictures / graphics, design, layout and other content on this site can not under any circumstances be downloaded, copied or used in any way without that this is expressly permitted by applicable law or the express prior written consent from us.