Kunst & Handverk Messen 2011 i Lillestrom

We have recieved a lot of wonderful drawings at the Art Fair.
All the drawings will be out on the ArtyKidz website
and ArtyKidz Facebook page
Monday 28 of November 2011.

click here…

We have the winners ready…

First prize Your own original Kidz Drawing 40 x 50 cm goes to
Therese Ramstad for this great drawing.

Second prizes “Princess on the Pea” or “Red Ridding Hood” poster
and a 500NOK gift card for “Your Kidz Drawing” goes to
– Jonatan, – Mina Slydal and – Hedda Hovemoen.


3 Prizes is a 300NOK gift card to be spend on “Your own Kidz Drawing” to EVERYONE who joined the competition!
Please email your postal details and the No in the slideshow of which drawing is yours and I will make sure
that you get the gift card in the mail.

Any questions please email me (gerne på Norsk) or phone me. info@artykidz.com or 4049 0244